Modify Niagara Workbench splash screen

by Parm

Posted on 2016-01-12 19:53:51

You can modify the Workbench start up splash screen using Winrar
Before you begin

Assuming you're on a Windows platform, stop any running stations, and close Workbench. Download and install Winrar. You will need this to extract and replace the modified file.

1. In Windows, open explorer and go to your Niagara installation directory (e.g. C:\niagara\niagara-3.8.38)

2. Open the modules folder

3. Find the jar file named workbench.jar file and open it with Winrar

4. With Winrar, navigate to workbench.jar\com\tridium\workbench\media

5. Extract the /about-us/about.html to another location

6. Modify /about-us/about.html using a html editor

7. When complete add the /about-us/about.html file back to the jar file. Open up Workbench to see your changes

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