Software Development

We have a dedicated team of the very finest software developers & engineers and are proud to have successfully implemented systems for many clients in many different industries.

Our mission is to develop software and engineer projects, to come up with solutions that benefit people around the world and to do this in partnership. Our mo is about what will be important tomorrow, not just flashy software. Our emphasis is on the customer, on quality, and responding quickly. We have a enterprise MSDN subscription, so you are supported by software that has a proven track record.

We do this because we love software and engineering. We love making things work from the ground up. We love making people happy by what we do. Thats why the customer is centric to our success. Focusing on Agile methods allowing the customer to have full visibility during the project life cycle.

What we develop

  • Business Application Dashboards
  • Video, Media, and CCTV Systems
  • Lighting Control Integration
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Building management systems
  • Tridium Driver & SCADA development
  • Energy management systems
  • Access Control
  • Telephone and Communication Systems
  • Widget and GUI design
  • Application integration and delivery
  • Integrated command, control and communications
  • Systems integration specialist using open standards, such as Modbus, TCP, Bacnet
  • Using web technologies such as AngularJS, Websockets, and Bootstrap
  • Database (MS SQL, Oracle, MySql) design and implementation
  • Next Generation Technologies
  • Realtime notification systems
  • Full Stack Development
  • Specialising in C# and Java languages
  • Bespoke applications
  • OPC Developer
  • Migration Projects
  • Prototype Development
  • Operating in the energy, rail, transportation, health, automation, e-commerce, and control industries

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