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A set of menus, buttons, graphs, gauges, tables, and controls to add to your UI pages

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n4 energy manager

This Niagara graphics library is being used by many of our customers including, AT&T, Honeywell, General Motors, Trend, General Dynamics and Tridium partners to build PX and HTML5 dashboards faster and cleaner.


Easy to use widgets

Drag n' Drop

Drag & drop widgets from Niagara module palette onto your px view. Resize as needed using the grab handles. Quickly move into place and configure properties.

Fast Loading

Optimized to a single built minified version JavaScript file to conserve network traffic. This reduces the page load time of your application and increases security.


Most of our widgets allow you to inject them directly into your HTML5 pages. Add the necessary script before the closing head tag and configure as required. See the Multiline Line Chart for an example.

smart building solutions

Built for Niagara

A Niagara widget library fully integrated into the Niagara framework. Bind to numeric points, booleans, enums, histories, and gain valuable insights. Widgets can be used in any vendor using Niagara 4 Framework, including Trend IQ Vision, Distech, Honeywell WEBs-N4 , or any other Niagara implementation. See what customers are saying

Start building your stations faster and with simple pre-built widgets. Use our widgets to build a Niagara dashboard quickly and effectively. We have already done the leg work for you and delivered many Javascript widgets for our customers.

Widgets have a number of configurable properties that can be used to modify look, feel, and functionality. You can modify all component's options with no loss of functionality.

Lightweight and compacted so widget loads super fast on your px page. Widgets are designed to be efficient as possible so they can run on a Web Supervior. Check out some of the performance tests on the widgets product page.

tridium bms


HTML5 code helps leverage the JavaScript platform for developing Web applications dedicated to the Internet of Things.

In Niagara 4, the user interface has moved into a new direction with a heavy focus on HTML5 applications and open web technologies. Tridium provides a number of frameworks and utilities, intended to give developers the power to create their own web apps, and we have done this to some effect. Additionally our graphics library allows you to inject them directly into your HTML5 pages.

Developing in HTML5 and JavaScript is a different process from the familiar Java-based process for developing in the Niagara Framework. However you can create a JavaScript codebase that is robust, error-checked, and well-tested.

Using these frameworks and techniques, you have the ability to implement a fully test-driven development process from beginning to end.

Tridium Niagara 4 Driver & Widget Development.

As a Niagara Certified Developer, Tridium provides intelligent interfacing to proprietary 3rd party systems. They provide the ability to control, monitor and log elements within a sub-system as well as creating and receiving alarms.

Tridium’s Niagara 4 is the latest version of Tridium's Niagara Framework. Niagara 4 builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework® in new and exciting ways. It’s less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster and easier to use. A truly open framework, Niagara 4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualisation and new search, security and navigation tools.

Niagara 4 includes a more web focused architecture and includes Niagara analytics. Tridium is a perfect platform and configuration tool. It can apply custom logic to manage many different types of devices and protocols, including Modbus, TCP, and Bacnet. It is the business logic layer of your system and many different clients supported different protocols can be integrated easily.

The Niagara Framework is a universal software platform that helps manufacturers develop Internet-enabled equipment systems and device-to-enterprise applications. Niagara resolves the challenges associated with open systems, integration and interoperability by integrating diverse systems and devices - regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol - into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the Internet.

Where we come in

  • Niagara 4 Migration Developer
  • Commissioning and Systems Integration for Buildings, Access Control, Fire Panels, Lighting, Occupancy, and CCTV systems
  • Tridium Driver Development
  • N4 Driver Development
  • Niagara Web Components
  • Niagara Analytics Framework
  • Tridium Systems Integrator
  • Graphic & Dashboard Development
  • Intelligent Systems Integration
  • Energy Dashboards
  • Niagara Web Widgets
  • N4 HX Views
  • Systems integration consultants
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration of installed devices using open standards, such as Modbus, TCP, Bacnet


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Control & Visualisation

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  • Visualisation Widgets x 2
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Do widgets and dashboards work on Trend IQ Vision, CentraLine, Cylon Integra, or Distech?

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