How to reset password for Niagara AX/N4 station


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Before you begin

With Niagara Workplace AX or N4 open, stop the station you intend to reset the password for. This can be done via the Application Director.

1. With the station stopped. In Workplace find the config.bog file under the station name. Stations are located in My Host -> Sys Home -> Stations. If you don't see the nav tree, on the top menu click on Windows -> Side Bar -> Nav

2. Expand the config.bog file

3. Expand Services

4. Expand UserService

5. Double click on the user you want to change or right-click and view the property sheet of the user

6. Enter a new password and confirm

7. Click Save

8. You will notice in the top menu, next to the save icon, the save bog file icon now becomes available. Click it to save the bog file

9. Start the station via the Application Manager

10. Open the station by pressing ctrl + shift + o and enter the new credentials you set up in step 6

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