How to redirect user to a specific html page


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When a user logs in you want them to navigate to a specific web page, such as a html file, if so, then you need to modify the user's nav file in Workbench

Before you begin

With Niagara Workplace AX open, and your station is running.

Nav file structure

1. In Workplace, find the nav folder in the station files folder. If you don't see the nav tree, on the top menu click on Windows -> Side Bar -> Nav

2. Unfold the Files folder and create a new folder named 'nav'. Create a nav file by right clicking on the nav folder and highlighting new -> NavFile.nav

3. Open the nav file, by double-clicking or right-clicking and view Nav file editor

4. Modify the nav file properties as shown in the image. Set the Target ord to the name of your html file e.g. local:|file:!stations/demoStation/web/index.html

Nav properties

5. Now, you need to set the users nav file property to the nav file you created in the previous step

Nav properties

6. Open your web browser and go to your station page e.g. http://localhost. Log in with the user that you changed the nav file for and verify you are directed to the html file you specified

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