Niagara Dev: Change JDK compliance level


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If you need to use newer Java API classes you may have to change your JDK compliance level. This can be done by modifying the in your Niagara installation directory

Before you begin

Assuming you're on a Windows platform, Niagara plugin is installed, and Java jdk is installed. If the plug in is not installed you can download it here. Open up Eclipse. I am using Eclipse Indigo.

1. In Windows, open explorer and go to the folder lib in your Niagara installation directory (e.g. C:\niagara\niagara-3.8.38)

2. Open the lib folder

3. Open the file

4. By default the Niagara plugin will use jdk level 1.3. You need to add the following to your build.xml file:

edition = "j2se-5.0"

5. Back in file, you will see that javac.j2se-5.0=%jdk.home%\. You need to specify the jdk.home variable in the same file.

6. Modify the following in

# Useful environment variables
jdk.home=C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.7.0_79

*Note that the double back slashes are important

7. When complete launch Build Full from Eclipse. You have now upgraded your jdk compliance level.

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