N4 Module Dev Mode - Environment Variables

by Paul

Posted on 2017-06-06 18:32:01

When developing a web module, it’s a severe slowdown to have to rebuild your module and restart your station every time you want to test out a new change in your browser. It’s much faster to simply change a file and refresh the browser to pick up the latest changes.


These environment variables are necessary for doing Niagara web development. You MUST set the following 3 environment variables to debug web modules:

niagara_home your Niagara runtime home directory, typically c:\Niagara\Niagara-{versionNumber}, which contains the bin folder.

niagara_user_home directory containing your Niagara user files, notably the stations folder. Often, %USERPROFILE%\Niagara4.2\{companyName}.

niagara_dev_home directory containing all your Niagara development files (source code, etc.). Instead of an environment variable, this value can also be set via the niagara.dev.home system property. This is a requirement for using moduledev mode.

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