Niagara Workbench Performance Tips


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Niagara Workbench Performance

When you're doing a lot of graphics in Workbench the application starts running slow and might even crash. However, there are some configuration changes you can make to increase performance and prevent the application closing intermittently.

Modify the file

Workbench uses a built in browser (javafx) to look at html pages. Change this to use the JxBrowser instead. You can change which browser to use by modifying the files. The file is usually located at: C:\niagara\Niagara-x\defaults

Open the file with a text editor and add the following line at the end of the file:


The only downside I've seen to this so far is you don't get all HTML5 browser features, like applying an FE color matrix over a PNG.

Change Workbench Viewing Mode

If you're running 4.3 or above, there should be a "toggle preview" button at the end of the toolbar when looking at a Px graphic. This will show you your Px page rendered in a browser.

toggle preview

Additionally, check out the article on how to increase station memory.

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