Niagara Ax/N4 Open Weather Service

Niagara Weather Service


The Niagara open weather service retrieves 5 day / 3 hour live weather data from the Open Weather Map Weather Service. The Open Weather Map Weather Service is FREE and access is provided by an API key which must be entered on the property sheet. It also retrieves a 5 day weather forecast. Both AX and N4 versions are included. This module is FREE when purchasing our Weather Widget. Or you can buy it as a standalone station service.

Note: You must sign up for a FREE API key from Open Weather Map Weather Service and enter this in the property sheet of the service.


1. Copy the openWeatherService-rt.jar file to your modules directory.
2. Open the module from your palette file.
3. Drag and drop the service to your stations services configuration.

Niagara Weather Service


The service has a number of configurable properties that can be used to modify functionality.

Refresh Interval:

How often the weather data should be retrieved in milliseconds. Default is 900000 (15 minutes).

API Key:

To get access to weather API you need an API key from the Open Weather Map service.


Specify the location you wish to get data from. The location is set to the closest weather station.


Options are standard, metric, or imperial.
Standard = Kelvin
Metric = Celsius
Imperial = Fahrenheit

5-Day / 3 Hour Weather Forecasts:

Tridium weather forecasts

Each Report also includes 3 hour weather forecasts for further granularity (12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm). All times are automatically converted into your local time.

N4 Weather service

Licensing (N4 Only)

Widgets and drivers must be licensed with us. Licenses are bound to the stations host Id. You will be provided access to the Software and Licensing Portal where you can manage your own licenses. Here you can add, update, or delete licenses as needed.

There are few ways to get a license file:

1. Add our licensing module to your station services. This module automatically retrieves the license from our servers and saves it to your stations shared folder directory.

2. Alternatively, Login to the Software and Licensing Portal (link provided in Order Confirmation) and add your host id's as needed. Copy the license file to the stations shared directory.

Finally, make sure the station user has access to WLicenseService in the user management and category service section.

Niagara Licensing

Niagara Dashboard

Niagara IOT technologies and modern toolsets allow you to build a powerful Niagara dashboard which is real time, data-driven, and cost effective. Our widgets are purpose-built by providing information with faster communication through real-time, data-driven, dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices. You can now create a cutting-edge display of conventional HVAC system graphics, Dashboards, Alarms & Scheduling, Historical Data, and Analytics.

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