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N4 View Builder


N4 View Builder™©️ allows you to build custom dashboards by dragging n' dropping widgets into tab or grid style interface. This product also includes Scheduling View, Energy View, PX View, Alarm View, Floorplan Zoning/Equipment View, Hyperlink Widget, Material UI Buttons, N4 Insights™©, N4 Analytics Charts, and a Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. The dashboard supports multiple languages just by the click of a button.

Additionally, turn your station into a digital signage display system. Show comfort levels, information, weather, announcements, analytics, videos, and loads more. Create slides by dragging n' dropping widgets onto different screen layouts. The screen changes automatically at a configurable interval.

N4 Analytics - if you have created station analytics using algorithms and tagging, data can be plotted onto charts for analysis. Export data in CSV format to further analyze data.

View Builder

Create Your Own Views using N4 View Builder™©.

01 Custom Layouts

Select a Layout

Choose a tab or grid style view. Then select a grid layout. Layouts automatically adjust to screen size. Standard and advanced layouts are included.

02 n4 widgets

Drag n' Drop Widgets

Drag n' Drop Widgets into the layout grid. Set widget properties like Ords, or colours. Widgets include graphs, charts, labels, images, points, gauges, data tables, and loads more.

03 save views

Apply Your View

Apply your View to station objects or folders. Data is retrieved automatically and updates in real-time. Alarm View, Scheduling View, and Floorplan Zoning View are all included as standard.


Easy To Use Dashboards

Tridium BMS


Select from a number of widgets including, charts, graphs, labels, sliders, images, maps, toggles, and more being added every week.

View Builder Layouts

View Types

Choose a Tab or Grid style view type, or both. Layouts are responsive and respond to different screen sizes.

VB Views

Grid Layout

Views are laid out in a grid style. Choose from multiple grid configurations. Standard and Advanced grid configurations included.

Examples ©

Equipment & Control

tridium energy monitoring


tridium bms system


bms dashboard


N4 energy manager


tridium alarms


tridium alarms


N4 mobile

Floor Plans

niagara ax


niagara 4 dashbaord

Control & Analysis

niagara 4 hvac dashboard

Language Localization

niagara 4 international

Digital Signage

niagara 4 digital signage

N4 Analytics

niagara 4 analytics

Digital Media Feeds

niagara 4 digital signage

Performance Dashboard

performance dashboard

Building Performance

building performance

Multi-Tab Example

building performance

System Overview

bms overview

Kiosk Mode

building performance

Online Demo

Hey, want to see it in action or get a free trial? Contact us for the demo login details. Also Download a product presentation

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