N4 Alarms to Slack Service

N4 Alarms to Slack Service


N4 Alarms to Slack instantly notifies of new station alarms. Slack is free and can be installed on pc or mobile. Set up a Web Hook from your Slack account and insert the URL into the service property sheet. This service can be added multiple times for each station. When station alarms arrive, they are instantly sent to a Slack channel of your choice.


1. Copy the alarmsToSlack-rt.jar file to your modules directory.
2. Open the module from your palette file.
3. Drag and drop the service to your stations services configuration.
4. Sign up for Slack and Download for pc or mobile.
5. Create a new Channel and add a Web Hook.
6. Set the URL in the service property sheet.

N4 Alarms to Slack Service


N4 Alarms to Slack Service

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