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The Niagara Alarm View Template shows the current alarms in the station in a responsive table which updates in real-time. The station operator can quickly acknowledge alarms in a user-friendly interface. The alarm table can also be shown in your own language. Notify engineers via emailing alarms or downloading selected alarms as CSV. Filter our unwanted alarms and show/hide columns as required. This template is FREE when bought with the Energy Consumption View template. Also check out our Advanced Alarm Table Widget.


Tridium Alarm management

Station Alarm List

Shows an alarm list in a user friendly and mobile responsive table. Change columns, ack alarms, and email engineers.

Tridium mobile alarms

Notify Engineers

Download alarms as CSV or email selected alarms to a engineers using the stations email service.

Alarm Settings


Change the alarm settings by filtering out unwanted alarms and showing them on the table.

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