Niagara Floor Plan Zone View


The Floor Plan Zoning Template allows you to add polygon shapes over your existing images and display point values. As an admin or super-user create polygons with ord references or link to other plans. When you log on as a non-admin user the image is displayed with clickable polygon areas. Point values update in real-time. This template also includes Scheduling View, Energy View, PX View, Alarm View and a Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. Also check out our widgets.

How to Use

1. Copy Files to Station Directory

After downloading all the files, copy all files to an accessible station directory. E.g. Create a folder named SchedulingTemplate.

2. Add Licensing Service

Templates must be licensed, but you manage your own licenses. Licenses are bound to the stations host Id. You will be provided access to the Software and Licensing Portal where you can manage your own licenses. Here you can add, update, or delete licenses as needed.

There are few ways to get a license file:

1. Add our licensing module to your station services. This module automatically retrieves the license from our servers and saves it to your stations shared folder directory.

2. Alternatively, Login to the Software and Licensing Portal (link provided in Order Confirmation) and add your host id's as needed. Copy the license file to the stations shared directory.

Make sure the station user has access to WLicenseService in the user management and category service section.

Finally, in the service properties make sure the Enable Template Support option is set to true.

Verify you are always using the latest version of the licensing service. You can check and download the latest version from the Software Portal.

3. Setup other Views

This template also includes Scheduling View, Energy View, PX View, Alarm View and a Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. Refer to each of the product pages above to set up other views.

4. Toolbox

When you log on as a super-user or admin, a toolbox is available to set up polygons, ords, etc. When logging on as a normal user, the toolbox does NOT show.

Floorplan Tools

5. Set the Background Image

Click on the image icon to add background image. NOTE: The image must be in an accessible station folder.

NOTE: we offer a 2d to 3d image conversion service at a very small cost. Please Contact Us us for a quote.

6. Add Lines, Rectangles, or Polygons

Using the tools place lines, rectangles, or polygons in the areas required.

7. Edit Shape Properties

You can point to a value ord reference or to other plans as required.

Continue to create and edit shapes. When complete, click the Save icon to save the configuration. Save often. As an admin click on Lock Icon to preview the graphic.


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