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The updated N4 Consumption View shows current energy consumption, ranking, Degree Days linear regression, histories, weather, alarms, and a heat map. The template also includes PX View, Alarm View, N4 Alarms To Line Messenger, and N4 Alarms To Slack, Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. Also check out our widgets.

This view helping manage energy, analyze, and optimize the operation of facilities. It enables the user to collect and manage all major aspects of energy data and view on screen. In the settings you can adjust to show any time/value data. Set the energy benchmarks and detect low energy-efficiency areas by comparing consumptions against similar periods. Get an overview of the energy and associated costs for different zones, buildings, or time periods.

You can choose different layouts and widgets to only show what you need to show. The widgets included in the dashboard are Px View, point label, Alarm Table, Line Chart, History Chart, Heat Map, Ranking Chart, Degree Day Regression Chart, Weather Location with Forecast, Free Text, Sensor Bar, and blank card.

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Tridium Software

Heat Map

A heatmap shows consumption heat demand for a single history. It is useful for analysing different scenarios regarding the buildings and to implement energy efficiency measures for the future.

tridium weather service

Weather Data

Display crucial weather data information including a 5-days forecast. Add our Free Weather Service multiple times to your station and reference each one as required.

bms cost profile

Energy Ranking

The Ranking Chart displays the kwh assigned to a horizontal bar chart. These values are then ranked into order from highest to lowest. This could be used to rank energy usage across multiple sites, ranked to show the most efficient/inefficient.

tridium degree days

Degree Days Chart

The Degree Day Regression Analysis chart is a representation of degree days (Heating Degree Days and Cooling Degree Days) and energy consumption.

tridium alarms


Show, filter, action alarms from specific alarm classes.

tridium histories


Optionally, you can show additional points and histories you may consider vital to energy consumption.

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