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The Niagara Energy Consumption View Template shows current energy consumption, power, cost, and weather with a 5-day forecast. Choose different points you want displayed on the analytic graphs, such as Power, KwH, Frequency, etc. Add a cost profile in the view settings to show how much equipment is costing the client. Easily change to your native language by the click of a button. The template also includes PX View, Alarm View, N4 Alarms To Line Messenger, and N4 Alarms To Slack, Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. Also check out our widgets.

This view helping manage energy, analyze, and optimize the operation of facilities. It is an energy benchmarking and analysis tool, developed as integrated solution for any type of building. It enables the user to collect and manage all aspects of energy data and view on screen. In the settings you can adjust to show any time/value data. Set the energy benchmarks and detect low energy-efficiency areas by comparing consumptions against similar periods. Get an overview of the energy and associated costs for different zones, buildings, or time periods.


Tridium Software

Comparison Line Chart

Compare 2 series of data. E.g. comparing consumptions against similar periods for temperature and power. Choose any data set to compare.

tridium weather service

Weather Data

Display crucial weather data information including a 5-days forecast. Add up to 2 sensor values which can be any numeric ord. Values update in real-time.

bms cost profile

Cost Profile

The pie chart shows an hourly cost profile.

tridium weather service

Benchmark Analysis Chart

See if the equipment is perforing well against benchmarks. Change the view to Today, yesterday, this week periods.

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